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about us

At the WBL, our mission is to provide a world-class tournament venue along with a unique gaming experience. Our highly-dedicated staff of gaming professionals, suppliers and operators are in countries all over the world, we are dedicated to serving our players, with a quality venue. We help to ensure the integrity of the gaming industry by providing a stable well rounded and unbiased tournament experience, with a combined 15 years of tournament venue experience, our highly knowledgeable staff are handpicked to provide the highest levels of professionalism and unbiased oversight of our tournaments and league events. Players the world over have come to trust the WBL.

Out team of professionals include mathematicians, hardware and software engineers, management personal, system administrators, entrepreneurs, system and communication engineers, social media service personnel and quality assurance specialists. These highly trained, hand-picked experts deliver a level of service and expertise that cannot be matched by any other tournament venue.