w.b.l league/tournament rules 

General Rules:

1) No Cheating (Aim Bot, Wall Hack, or anything similar)

2) No Exploiting Glitches

3) All Servers will be provided by Battle league

4) No C4 vehicles, (jeep, quad, jet, tank, motorcycle, any vehicle)

5) No Squad jumping, players must remain in their squad they start with during a match, any players found to be squad jumping will be removed from the game and can cause the team to be disqualified from the tournament.

6) No Spectating, ONLY World Battle league officials will be permitted as spectators, all matches will be monitored for rule violations and broadcasting of game play. Any players found to be using spectator mode, the team they are spectating for will be immediately disqualified.


7) Team’s DQ’d 3 times will be permanently disqualified from being able to enter any future tournaments.

8) Teams must register by stated tournament deadlines, no team will be permitted to enter a scheduled tournament once registration dead line is past.

9) Sportsmanship: teams will be held responsible for team members actions, any type of foul language, inappropriate messaging or behavior will not be tolerated and will result in the removal of your registered teams,  any players found to be violating these rules can be permanently banned from participating in the league or future events.


10) Players can only play for one team in any specific event, players are not allowed to play for more than one team, and you cannot jump to a new team in the same event.  Once a player has been assigned to a team during an event he or she can only play for that specific team during the event.  Players are allowed to change teams for future events.

11) Formats are typically 15 vs 15 but there will be some variations for future events. Teams are allowed to register 20 players, the 5 additional players will be listed as alternates, in the event starting players are not able to make the event. Alternates are allowed to take the place of a starting player during the event in case a player needs to leave for an emergency or the wife is calling to take out the trash.


12) Match times: teams will be required to be into the assigned server 10 minutes prior to the match beginning, any team not meeting the required minimum amount of players will forfeit the match and be eliminated (for single elimination tournaments) (for double elimination tournaments you will have a loss and be moved into the losers bracket in order to continue)

13)  Match’s will start on time.


14) All weapons and tactics are valid except those stated in the World Battle League Rules. 


15) Communications:  teams may use private party chat or game chat (all private parties must be joinable, any invite only parties are not permitted. The use of external communications are permitted to be able to communicate between squads. (I.E. telephone, or zello)


16) All rules are subject to change at any time and without warning prior or post.

             16a) Playing in any World Battle League related or sanctioned matches assumes you have read and agree to all rules found under the "Rules" Tab located on the website.

             16b) Leading any or all of your clan member/s into a World Battle League match means you as a leader of your clan as determined by the New Clan Registration Form means you have fully informed all members of all rules and made sure they are all eligible for any and all competition and you and they accept, understand, and agree to all rules.


17) Any issues or problems with other teams need to be brought to the World battle League for review Battle league will resolve any disputes