world battle league staff

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w.b.l shout out to our staff 

W.B.L has one of the best staffs out there as far as online gaming goes. Our guys are always there to help anyone with any aspect of the games we play. Also our staff helps put together tournaments with prize winnings and free give aways for just liking and sharing our face book post, just click the icon at the bottom of the W.B.L photo. Also we supply refs for the tournaments we host so that everyone gets a fair shot at winning. W.B.L staff also run all of our servers and keep the players that team kill, jet ram C4 jeep, and break the rules out of the servers.They also build websites (like the one your looking at) and set up our servers so that milsims/clans can use them for vs. matches of their own. So if you see any of them out there be sure to give them a thanks or jump in the game and play with them. Here are our server names (WBL server 1,WBL server 2,WBL server 3, WBL server 4.

some of our staffs gamer tags

Be sure to look for these tags on the W.B.L Servers.


1) Bmat137

2) RAVIN 121

3) kitchkiller

4) Silentjaxx

5) roydavis90

6) KaizenGod

7) SamuraiSKD

8) TankGirlMac

9) WBL Reaper Wolf


here are some of the serevers they are on

Here are the servers you can find us in!!

1) WBL Server 1

2) WBL Server 2

3) WBL Server 3

4) WBL Server 4

5) House of pain

6) We Play For Honor

7) Texas

find these servers on battlefield 4 and come check us out we have great map rotations that are picked by the players. If there is a map you would like to play and its not on the rotation let any of the staff know and we will get it put on for you.